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Same Day Crowns Saratoga

If you’re interested in dental restoration, but dread multiple, timely visits to your local dental office, then we have the solution for you! In our Saratoga office, Dr. Rong offers same-day CEREC dentistry, so that you can leave our office with a new smile, often after only one appointment!

CEREC technology allows us to create a new cap or implant for your damaged tooth in a short amount of time, so that after just one appointment, Saratoga Dentist Dr.Rong can not only take the first steps towards tooth restoration, including injecting the area with anesthesia and taking an impression for a new tooth to be made, but can also create that new tooth and restore your mouth to the strong, beautiful smile that you want and deserve.

Dentists without CEREC technology risk sending their patients home with fragile, temporary crowns that place harsh restrictions on diets and lifestyles until another appointment for a custom-designed tooth can be implanted. With CEREC same-day technology, Dr. Rong can personalize your smile within hours, and send you back into the world with a smile stronger than the one you came in with.


CEREC technology is proven and reliable technology serving hundreds of confident dentists and thousands of happy, smiling patients. The ceramic restorations created by CEREC technology are metal free, biocompatible, plaque resistant, and specially designed to expand and contract at rates similar or exact to your natural teeth, ensuring that neither your implant nor the teeth surrounding it will crack or become damaged due to the implant’s inconsistency with your smile’s natural patterns.


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